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If you are looking for THE most shine? This is your look. These nails have glitter on glitter on crystals, and they are blinding! You will be the center of attention anywhere you go. The best part is that they have different types of shine and reflective flash action at night. They really are a whole experience.

The ice crystal press-on nails are for the individual looking for something daring, fun, and different. Try them on the shorter-sized tips for a chic and comfortable look. These crystals are carefully placed so they won't be tugging hair or clothes or popping off in the middle of your work presentation. Wear these press-on nails on vacation, to the next music festival, or to brunch to show the gals who are the trendsetter of the group ;).

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Pink base with a layer of flash-on reflective glitter in color lilac and 3-4 purple ice/aurora crystals on each nail. The shape is almond extra short**
If you want this shape, add a request in the notes section before checking out. 

What's included


Each set comes with ten hand-painted press-on nails and a mani kit. 
The mani kit includes: 
•A wooden cuticle pusher, nail file, buffer (all sealed in a bag)
•A mascara wand 
•Two nail prep wipes 
•Nail glue for 2-3 weeks of wear. Depending on care and lifestyle 
•Stickies for temporary all-day and reusable wear.


I work with natural nail lenghts form extra short to long lenght.

Please bare in mind that nail lengths will vary depending on the lenght of your nail bed.

If you would like a longer shape or if you have curved nail beds please indicate that, what shape and how long in the notes section at check out.

  • Oval X-Short, Short and Medium,
  • Almond x-Short, Short & Medium, Long
  • Coffin X-Short, Short & Medium, Long
  • Stiletto Short, Medium medium & Long
  • Square X-Short, Medium
  • Squoval X-Short


To guarantee the perfect fit of your nail mani I highly recommend a sizing kit.

Eliminate the stress of guessing your measurements and hoping your nails fit by simply purchasing a sizing kit (comes with free shipping) for the nail shape you want to order.

Wearing the correct size will make your mani feel super comfortable and last longer; when you are done you can share it with friends and family so they can order their own Japanese gel mani. 

The second option is to measure your nails. You can find a step-by-step guide to measure your nails HERE

Care Instructions

  • To reuse your press ons, simply use a hand file or an efile machine to gently remove the residual glue from the nail tip.
  • Once you're using your press-ons, store them in the same card and box they came in to prevent losing nails or breaking them.
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