How to find the "Best Luxury Press on Nails"

How to find the "Best Luxury Press on Nails"

You are looking for the best set of press-on nails, so you go to google and type "best press-on nails," you would think the best artists offering premium quality press-on nails would pop up, right? Nope, don't count on that. 

For pages, the web will show you only drugstore brands, one-time use press-on nails mass-produced by large corporations; and that's fine if that's what you're looking for... but... what about premium quality press-on nails? Like the ones celebrities and artists wear or influencers and tv shows use?

Nowadays, looking for a good set of press-on nails is like trying to find the perfect color for your next pedi, almost impossible. After covid, many nail artists entered the press-on-nails world, which means that now you can get that super awesome set from the ultra-talented artist you found on social media but also, what about the other multitude of artists offering their press-ons? What about drugstore brands, are those good? What does "premium quality press on nails" mean? Where do you find these artists?

I got you! To answer all these questions and more, I will tell you the four things you need to know to find THE BEST set of press-on nails and what qualifies them as premium quality. 


Small business

Supporting small businesses is more critical than ever; these businesses are driving the economy, creating job opportunities, reducing the carbon print, etc. we could go on and on, right? So, yes, you can get press-on nails from many places and at different price points. Still, when you find a nail artist and purchase a handpainted set of press-on nails, you get a complete customer experience; you get to request the exact design you want, get your precise nail sizes, customer service, and much more.  

Yes, you can go to the drugstore or go online, search "press-on nails," and purchase a $6 set from a large corporation selling mass-produced nail sets that often have nail art designs stolen from independent nail artists. 

On the other hand, if you go the premium quality route, you will be paying more. Still, in exchange, you are getting a long-lasting nail set, a one-of-a-kind nail art design, a reusable nail set (that means saving on 2-3 salon appointments), and all from the comfort of your home, in less than ten minutes, you look like you just came back from the salon. 

Where can you find these amazing nails? Most likely on social media. Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, or Pinterest. Again, if you type premium quality press ons, you might get a few results, but you will definitely find them if you type that on the Instagram search section. Instagram is the new portfolio presentation for clients to shop around; from there, you can find the website to shop or send them a direct message to start your order. 



I recently decided to make a quick trip to the drugstore and a few sets of press-on nails from different brands. One of them claimed to be an "acrylic feel," so I was intrigued! Like, ok, these will last longer and not break, work. 

I came home and compared them to one of my sets, and as soon as I placed them side by side, I could see the difference; drugstore brand sets are much thinner than handpainted press-ons. When I bent both tips, the drugstore brand cracked in half immediately, unlike mine, which only curled in, and I could shape it back to the original shape without breaking. 

It's all due to the materials. As artists, we always look for the best products to deliver the best services to our clients, and press-on nail artists are no different. Using premium quality products for press-on nails, like the Japanese gels I use, allows me to create sets that won't break and can be reused, that the nails will stay shiny, they won't bulk up, and that I am using ultra-pigmented colors to create the trendiest nail designs. Japanese gels have other benefits for the client if you are getting an in-person manicure, like "cleaner" formulas and helping grow your natural nails, but these benefits can come with your press-ons too. As long as you know how to safely prep your nails and remove your press-ons, you are on your way to #nailgoals.

To conclude, if you are looking for premium quality, inquire about the products used to create the press-ons set you want to buy, ask what brand they use for the nail tips, and purchase a sizing kit so you can get an idea of how the nails feel or fit, from there you can have the exact measurements for your nails. If you don't like them, you can pass it along, and it wasn't a huge loss. Sizing kits are super inexpensive (~$3-$5), and they usually come with a promo like buy 2 get one free or free shipping ;). To get your sizing kit click HERE



Another curious finding about my drugstore vs. my brand experiment was that I could d the same designs of press-on nails in three different countries! I know we see design recreations all the time. Even when you go to the salon, you take a picture of what you want, yes, but... even if you give the nail artist the picture, they most likely will try to recreate it as close as possible and not an exact match or turn you down and tell you they cannot do it. 

Enters your favorite nail artists offering press-on nails. Now it doesn't matter where you live; you can order any style of nails online! There are so many talented artists providing all kinds of specific types of nails like airbrushed, portraits, Kawai-styled, 3D pieces, everyday-cute handpainted styles, only short-length nails, Japanese nail art, Korean nail art, fully blinged out, you name it; and if you still want something off the menu, most of us offer customized sets. 

A super quick tip: if you decide to request a custom set, don't take a design from a press ons artist and try to ask another artist to recreate the exact design for a lower price. I had the pleasure to learn from one of the pros, and she gracefully said to me, "If someone like that approaches me, I refer them to the original artist, I don't make designs like that, and that's someone else intellectual property, that's their hard work, not mine." 

When you purchase press-on nails from nail artists, you are buying the hours and dedication placed on that one set to give you a one-of-one nail design you will love. Some of these sets take more than ten hours, sometimes more than 20 hours, so that you are the happiest/most fly person in the room pointing away. 


Lastly, pricing! One of the main differences between drugstore brand press-ons and handmade ones is pricing! And I know, and if you are looking for a set that fits your specific budget, go for it; no shame, but I want to let you know more about what press-on nails are today and how you have premium quality options that didn't exist before. 

Before, you either went to the nail salon or a quick run to the drugstore to get a basic french look that would last for that one event you are going to attend. Today's press-on nails are a whole different game! The possibilities for designs are endless and not limited to a few designs, and you can re-wear them at least 3-4 times, which saves you money. 

Of course, it's hard to beat the nail salon experience; the relaxing part of pampering and enjoying a mani/pedi session, but premium quality press-ons save you so much time; we all want a beautiful salon-looking set, but not everyone has two or three hours to sit at a nail salon every two weeks. Then there's the thing of finding a nail artist you love who can give you the nail services you want; that's where press-ons save the day! You order your favorite custom design, and it arrives directly at your door; save a trip to the nail salon and the hours sitting at the nail table (can I get an amen, new mommies!)

Again, it's all about you and giving you your money's worth; you matter and deserve the best, so even if you are spending $10 here and there, it adds up, and then you look and spend more than $100, and all your sets are on the trash after that one use, or you just stopped wearing them because it just wasn't that exciting. 


Time to recap, how to find premium quality press ons:

  1. Look on social media, like Instagram or Youtube or TikTok, 
  2. Find out what materials are used for the press on nails. 
  3. Find artists that specialize in creating the nails you like, like handpainted portraits of your favorite singer, fully blinged-out nails, or delicate Japanese-style flower designs. 
  4. Yes, you will spend more, but you get more for your buck. 


If you have yet to try premium quality press on nails or Japanese gels and want to see what Im talking about, check out my latest collection PARAQDISE 23', HERE. I create Japanese gel manicures and deliver them directly to your door; because you hang out today with me, you get a special gift with your first order when you refer to this reading. Please send me a direct message on Instagram or leave a comment below, and we will have you try these amazing premium-quality press-on nails. I know you'll love them. 


Thank you so much, and til next time!



Fabs, Nail Fabs. 

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