Korean Gel Nail Brand Of The Week: Mayour

Korean Gel Nail Brand Of The Week: Mayour

"What is your mood? Set the mood with color; change your mood with Mayour. Creamy formula, fine texture. Find the nail gel colors you never knew you needed." - Mayour Korea. 

Looking for the perfect nail gel colors to match any occasion? Mayour Korea has got you covered! Their range of creamy formula nail gels comes in a variety of on-trend and pigmented shades with a fine texture for a flawless and long-lasting manicure. Whether you prefer bold and vibrant hues or soft and subtle shades, Mayour has something for everyone. 

Mayour korean gel nail brand

What's more, Mayour's packaging is top-of-the-line, with a display concept similar to that of makeup brands. Imagine a lipstick stand but for nail polish! Intrigued? Explore Mayour's collection today and discover the nail gel colors you never knew you needed.

To learn more about Mayour, I contacted our favorite Korean Gel brand's US distributor, Zillabeau, to ask about the brand. To my surprise, I discovered that Mayour and "F Gel" are owned by the same parent company. From The Nail, Asia's most innovative nail manufacturer, is renowned for its innovation, suggesting that Mayour is sure to be amazing. 

In 2021, Mayour was founded in South Korea. It has become known for its unique bottle and display packaging that requires no extra preparation. They have also improved their brush to offer a smooth, thin application with great pigmentation and coverage.

When I first found Mayour, the packaging was the first thing that caught my attention; it looked like high-end lipstick or lipgloss. The colors looked very pigmented and smooth, but my second thought was, I already have a lot of stuff, a lot of colors; am I going to buy more gel products just because of the packaging? The answer is yes, yes I will. 

I started with one color. My mentor is adamant about adding more than 3 brands to your entire collection because it's not just adding more products that can potentially sit on your shelves and collect dust. There's the learning about the brand aspect and buying the corresponding products from the brand to avoid service breakdowns, but with colors, there is a bit of wiggle room. 

I didn't go crazy and bought an entire collection. Instead, I got color #85, a bright, beautiful purple (my favorite purple), and my goodness! From the moment you hold the bottle, you feel the luxury. The bottle is fully matte, soft to the touch, and comfortable to hold in one hand. Also, it has a bit of weight, not too heavy, just enough to feel good quality. The golden lettering of the logo is clean and sophisticated, so definitely an attention-grabbing item at the salon.

To use the color, you pull up the square cap, like lipstick, and screw off the brush from the bottle. The gel is thin but with consistency, not too thin, and the pigmentation is there! The colors are creamy, buttery, and soft to apply. One coat and you get precisely the color displayed on the bottle. 

That's another great aspect of this thought-out packaging, you won't be lifting bottles to find the shade you need, the bottle matches the color of the gel, and the square cap has a square tile displaying the color; I know many of us do this color swatches with the little glass beads or tiles, but Mayour does it for you and more. 

Get ready for an unbeatable gel browsing experience with Mayour's premium stand! No more searching through a cluttered collection - each gel is given its own designated space and labeled with a vibrant color swatch and number, making it a breeze to find your perfect shade. And the best part? No assembly required - it's ready to use straight out of the box! It's like having your own personal makeup counter, but better!

mayour korean gel nail brand color display stand

Lastly, Mayour claims to have an upgraded brush design to optimize bottle gel application, so I compared the brush to the ones from my other brush on bottle gels. Mayours' brush is thicker than most of the brushes from the other brands; it can hold more gel to facilitate a one or two-swipe application. Very comfortable and easy to use, even if you are a beginner or DIYer. 

brush comparison korean gel nail polishes

What To Get

In Korea, Mayour is the most popular brand known for its numerous collections that follow the latest colors and trends of each season. The Slinky collection provides the brightest opaque neons for summer, while The Wave Collection offers ocean-inspired transparent syrup gel without a white cast, that creates beautiful colors. Mayour recommends trying the Wave collection, as it is their most special product and a great collection to start with.

the wave korean gel collection mayour 

As we transition to the Fall season, there is a shift in color palettes towards deeper, jewel-toned shades. Mayour has released its new Fire Gazing Collection, featuring eight stunning gels that capture the intricate beauty of fire's ever-changing hues. Regardless of the season, if you appreciate earth-tone colors, you will adore this collection. Each polish has a semi-sheer syrup finish that creates a mesmerizing blend of color and intensity.

 fire gazing mayour korean gel

The Mayour gel bottles are priced at $19 USD per bottle and contain 8g of gel. This falls within the medium price range. In comparison, F Gel bottles are priced at $15 USD for 10g, while Japanese gel pots cost $20 USD for 4g per pot. It's important to note that Korean and Japanese gels are known for their premium quality formulas that ensure long-lasting manicures and promote nail health, which is reflected in their price. Zillabeau frequently offers bundle deals and holiday sales, so it's worth keeping an eye out for those.

The Best Deals

If you are looking to get your hands on the latest trendy colors for the fall season, The Fire Gazing is just that, and Zillabeau has it on sale! Also, you can add my code NAILFABS for an extra 10% off your purchase or sign up for the upcoming and super exciting Mayour first Seminar and Expo at Zillabeau! 

Zillabeau is hosting F Gel/Mayour's first-ever nail expo on October 11-12, where you can purchase premium quality products from both brands at expo prices. 

F Gel master educator Eunyoung Koo will teach the F Gel seminar and learn how to make 3D teddy bears and unique plaid nail art! Also, because it is spooky season, Zillabeau is hosting a costume contest to win a $1000 Zillabeau gift card for the best costume. Are you dressing up!? I'm already looking for mine, lol.  

On October 12th, Mayour Master Educator Dahyun will teach easy and simple ways to create 3D nail art and characters using Mayour products.

If you want to be part of this super fun experience, click here to sign up and get the full details. 

Mayour shared with us their brand slogan: "All the colors you want are here." What sets Mayour apart from other Korean gel nail brands is that customers buy their products because they want them, not because they need them. 

Mayour offers a wide range of products, from sophisticated and fun glitters to trendy syrup colors, ultra-pigmented creamy colors, sun-kissed effect magnetic gels, and their own base, clear, and top gels. This well-rounded selection ensures that customers will find everything they need for their perfect long-lasting manicure.

Thank you so much for hanging out with me today! I hope I was able to convey my experience with Mayour and provide you with more information about this fabulous brand before your next shopping trip. 

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