Korean Gel Nail Brand Of The Week: HoHoLee

Korean Gel Nail Brand Of The Week: HoHoLee

Come and join HoHo and Lee on their first adventure! Welcome to the most adorable nail experience with HoHoLee. This brand offers a premium selection of damage-free and peel-off gels, using a residue-free formula that can last for weeks, giving you a beautiful shine. Korean gel nail brands are known for their excellent, well-thought-out packaging, but HoHoLee has a story to tell. With each collection, they add to a cohesive gel nail experience, where HoHo and Lee are the main characters in a charming village. One is sweet and lovely, while the other loves all things colorful. 

These products may look cute, but don't be fooled by their appearance. They meet the high standards of premium quality gels for professional use, with a touch of kitsch. Follow me to the land of HoHoLee of syrup gels, 3D embossing gels, glitters, and more!

As always, this week's Korean gel nail brand is available at Zillabeau, the best distributor of Korean and Japanese gel nail products in the US! If you want to try any of the products I mention today, you can use my code "NAILFABS" for 10% off your purchase. 

These recommendations are products that I have tried and/or used since I started my nail journey. Your support means the world to me and allows me to keep trying more products so I can give you all the deets for you to make the best-informed nail purchases. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart, and now let's talk gels! 

So we have the adorable animal pals Hoho, Lee, and Ggulbo (a sweet bear from the 3D embossing gel); we'll talk about him in a bit, but who is behind the creation of this brand? The mastermind behind HoHoLee is LEE, who founded the brand in December of 2021. With the help of the Zillabeau team, I asked them to describe the HoHoLee brand in one sentence, to which they replied: "Our brand is all about spreading joy and excitement, and we hope that the time spent with HoHoLee will always be memorable." and I can tell you that that was exactly what my first impression was with this brand. Fun, exciting, easy, and stress-free.

From the packaging to the gel formulation, the experience feels like smooth sailing. The gels have the perfect viscosity to work peacefully without rushing, chasing the gel, or moving your hands in all directions to work the self-leveling properties. The gel feels buttery smooth, and the color is cushiony and highly pigmented; after 2-3 passes, you get perfect coverage and self-levels almost immediately. 

Their signature design of the gel bottles is very similar to Tiny's gel bottles. Still, I feel HohoLee's bottles are more comfortable and functional. When you grab HoHoLee's gel bottle brush, it is very light, your fingers comfortably fit the lower grip area, and the rounded point lightly rests on the back of your hand.

I am blown away by the incredible attention to detail on the product bottle! HoHoLee gel has really gone above and beyond to provide all the necessary information in a user-friendly way. I especially love the little hearts system that indicates the viscosity - it's so cute and makes it easy to choose the right gel for the job. It's great that they mention whether the gel is HEMA-free and if the inhibition layer (sticky layer) needs to be wiped off, along with other useful information about each gel. This level of attention to detail is reminiscent of Japanese gel nail brands like Vetro, which I find impressive. Overall, it's clear that HoHoLee has put a lot of thought into creating a user-friendly and enjoyable experience for nail artists. 

Therefore, I recommend HoHoLee as the perfect brand for beginners or those who like to do their own gel nails. It can be frustrating when the gel is too runny or too thick to apply properly, but HoHoLee has the ideal viscosity for easy application. Their gels practically do the work for you, so you don't have to worry about control so much at the beginning. Additionally, some of their gels, like their base gel, are HEMA-free, making them suitable for those with sensitive skin or allergies. Plus, some of their products cure without leaving a sticky layer on the surface.

Although I advise ALWAYS wearing gloves when working with uncured gel products, HoHoLee adds an extra layer of protection for you and your clients. Their prices are competitive with other premium Korean gel brands, and they offer a wide range of trendy colors for nail art. Even if you're a professional, their products deliver long-lasting results with a beautiful shine.

HoHoLee Products

Now, let's talk about products that stand out from HoHoLee and what we recommend if you have yet to try HoHoLee. 

First, the Magic Lab is the line of essential gels. They offer 3 base gels, 1 shiny, and 1 matte top coat. The Chakhan Glossy Top Gel is a must-have! This is a special non-wipe formula designed for chrome powder application because it's tacky residue-free; it's scratch resistant and long-wear shine (and I really put it to the test by rubbing it hard with a stiff lint-free wipe and nada, zero scratches). It has a moderate viscosity, which means it will smooth out any small imperfections and self-level like a dream. All the Korean gel girlies are talking about this top coat, so I recommend you grab one for yourself; I promise you won't be disappointed.


Next, it's the peel-off base. Okay! If you are a nail content girlie, sell press-ons online, or even for clients that want to change up their many after a week or need it just for a special occasion, the HoHoLee 1 Day Peel Off Base is your new best friend. The 1 Day Peel Off Base is a sticker base with an easy-to-remove, damage-free formula. This peelable gel makes switching manis simple and quick. 


To remove it, simply apply a few drops of cuticle oil to the base and use a wooden cuticle stick to gently separate the gel from the nail; it is perfect for clients who don't want to soak off their nails or for you to remove your set after recording a reel for Instagram. 

I tested this product using a 220 sponge buffer to lightly buff my nails on my right hand before applying the 1 Day Peel Off base. On my left hand, I did not sand the nails, but instead wiped them with 100% alcohol before applying the gel. The nails on my right hand lasted almost a week, while the nails on my left hand came off after a few hours without any pain or damage to my natural nails. If you decide to buff your nails before applying the gel, keep in mind that they will last longer but will require patience and a lot of oil to remove without damaging your natural nail. If you try to rip them off, you could cause damage. Depending on how hard you sanded the nail, the gel may adhere to the natural nail and require a quick soak, but this is rare.

I have tried other peel off bases like the Jello Jello one or the one from Leafgel and I think this one is my favorite. Also, it cures without a sticky layer, which is another great characteristic for the DIYers. 

HoHolee's latest product, the Ggulbo 3D embossing gel, has become a popular signature mix. Developed in collaboration with Korean gel nail artist Gnal_nail, HoHoLee spent months perfecting the smooth consistency of the Ggulbo gels for 3D nail art that is easy to apply and ideal for character art. If you enjoy textured and 3D nail art, you will adore these gels. They come in charming honey jar pots featuring a cute little bear character and are available in eight basic colors, including black and white. I recommend using a stick or a more stiff tool to scoop out the gel and a short stiff liner brush to mold it into place. 


I've noticed that while some other brands offer puddy/3D gels, I prefer HoHoLee's selection because they come in a variety of colors, making it quicker and simpler to create 3D character nail art. Additionally, they offer stickers featuring their signature HoHoLee Characters faces, allowing for an easy and adorable addition of a bear or geese to your manicure, like the trendy korean gel nail manicures floating around social media. It's one thing seeing it and a whole another wearing them, so I encourage you to try it because you will be in love with your new nail pal. 

Next, we asked HoHoLee, "Please mention one unique product from their brand and what would they recommend for someone trying the brand for the first time?" 

-One of our standout products is the Twinkle Potion, which is sure to bring some sparkle to your nails. But for someone trying the brand for the first time, we recommend the Episode 01. Mate Series. This series, filled with syrup gels, is designed in two different concepts to match the character traits of HoHo and Lee. It's a best-selling series with frequent reorders and continues to receive love from many customers.- 


I've had the pleasure of trying out both collections, and I can confidently say that they are both very versatile and will serve you well. The Mate Series Episode 01 collection features 20 syrupy shades, including a range of nudes and soft, milky colors that are popular with clients and sure to sell out. These colors are perfect for any season. The Twinkle Potion collection, on the other hand, includes 20 colors: 10 translucent jelly shades and 10 glitter shades. This collection is a fantastic addition to any nail artist's toolkit, as it allows for endless possibilities when combined with different base gel colors. The glitter shades include magnetic gels, silver glitter, fine glitter, laser glitter, and more, so you can create a unique look every time.


If you're interested in enhancing your nail services menu, consider offering the highly sought-after mirror gloss liquid powder paints and Princess Riri glitters. These products are a quick and easy way to add extra flair to your clients' nails and charge a little premium extra ;). 

And we come to the end of today's fairytale with HoHoLee. 

HoHoLee stands apart from other Korean gel brands because of its unique storytelling and cute character designs that decorate its packaging and bottle printing. They draw and produce everything ourselves, making it a brand filled with unique feelings and aesthetics. 

Don't be deceived by the packaging of these products, as they are not just intended for beginners or teens (you know, kind of like kids' makeup); these are professional-grade products. In Korea, it is common for beauty products to come in playful and quirky packaging, even for premium quality or professional use. Their packaging style differs greatly from what we are used to in the US, so please feel good, confident, and excited about trying this brand because I know you will be pleasantly surprised. 

Thank you for spending time with me today! To keep up with all the latest information on Korean Gel nails, be sure to subscribe to my email list. Plus, if you use the code NAILFABS at Zillabeau, you can receive a 10% discount on your entire purchase. I'm excited to hear about your first experience with HoHoLee, so feel free to leave a comment below or send me a private message on IG. I'm always happy to assist. Enjoy the rest of your week, and have a great long weekend. Until next time, byeee!


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