Korean Brand Of The Week: Tiny

Korean Brand Of The Week: Tiny

I am delighted to share with you that all of my friends who have tried Tiny have had an outstanding experience. I must say that Tiny is one of my favorite Korean gel brands, and I have been using it ever since I began working with top-notch soak-off gel. I reached out to Zillabeau, who happens to be the only distributor of Tiny in the US (shoutout to them!), for more information about Tiny, and they got it for us. It's seriously worth checking out! So, let me tell you all about Tiny! 

If you are now here, Welcome! I am writing a series called "Korean Brand Of The Week," *sings it like a jingle* where I pick a Premium Korean Gel nail brand and tell you about the brand, what sets it apart from other gel brands, what products are unique and what you should get if you haven't tried the brand or maybe what new exciting products could be added to your collection.

I reached out to Zillabeau, one of the best suppliers of Korean and Japanese gel nail products, to get the inside scoop on these awesome brands. I asked them a few questions to help us make smarter purchases.

So, as someone who loves doing nails, I have to admit that I'm always tempted to buy everything from Zillabau. They have some seriously unique and charming products that work like a dream, but let's be real - they can be pretty pricey. That's why I'm here to help you make smart choices when shopping for these brands. There are so many options out there, and it's important to know what you're getting so you don't end up buying something just because it looks cool and end up forgetting about it or not using. Of course, if you're in the mood to treat yourself, I can definitely recommend some amazing must-haves from Zillabeau. Let's chat!

Tiny was established in 2018 by CEO Changyong Shim and Director Yoonkyung Lee in South Korea. When we asked them to describe Tiny in one sentence, they answered, (Yum Yammy color) "The House Of Tasty Colors" *tongue-pop.* 

My first Tiny purchase was the Delia & Delphinia collection, and I bought it because the color collection is irresistible. It's a fall-themed collection of dark and warm autum colors that look and feel like expensive high couture fabric. Every color makes sense and works well with each other because, you know, sometimes you like a few colors out of a collection, here I loved every single one of them. I still use them and reach for them all year long. And the packaging!

This collection's packaging looks like one of Path Mcgrath's makeup collections. You get a box that looks like a book, and inside each gel bottle comes in a separate component that, when you put them together, makes a picture of the collection story. This is a story of two heroes fated to be sacrificed by their town, I mean, the dramaaa. Just very smart, very-well-thought-out packaging. And that is true for all their collections. They take their time to purposely release products that make sense and are beautiful as well. 

Tiny Delia and Dephinia Korean Gel Collection


Pros & Cons

The next question was, what sets Tiny apart from other Korean gel nail brands? -All of Tiny's products, from the bottle caps to the brushes, were designed to enhance the comfort and ease of procedures for nail technicians. Tiny's signature packaging is cone-shaped bottle caps with a star on top. I know that it can look uncomfortable or not practical to store, but I can tell you that the brushes are actually very comfortable and easy to use; the grip is perfect, so you don't have to tightly hold the brush, and the cone part does not poke or bother your hand. 

As far as storage, I've seen all the nail artists display Tiny's bottles on the wall shelves, which look beautiful! Each collection and formula has a different bottle; for example, matte colors have a fully painted soft matte bottle in the same color, so it's very easy to find the color you're looking for. Syrup gels have a gradient effect and come in matte or shiny depending on the formula; one is for milky jelly colors, and the shiny gradient bottle is for fully translucent/glass-like colors.

Yes, these bottles take up more space to store or pack up; if you are a nail artist on the go, just keep in mind that you'll need a tall enough space to store them. Otherwise, it has beautiful kawaii packaging and is comfortable to use.  

Tiny Delia & Dolphinia Collection

Long-lasting beautiful shiny nails

Tiny also states, "We have devised 3rd generation gel technology, resulting in color expression technology that is higher than other products on the market and fewer problems in curing issues, allowing for an improvement in the product's ease of application." The brand offers clear basic gels to complete manicures that last 4+ weeks without chipping/cracking, delivering amazing shine while keeping the nails flexible and healthy. 

Their foundation gels are self-leveling, and their overlay gel, the Tiny Pudding Clear Gel, promises zero heat spikes when curing. They also have the CUZZY Matte top coat, which has great reviews as a favorite because it looks like suede, doesn't feel gritty, and stays matte. 

Lastly, Tiny is one of the few Korean brands that offers an acid-free primer to remove all moisture from the nails before gel application. 

I was trained to work without primers because the gels already have powerful adhesion components, so they don't require that extra step; however, if you have gel lifting issues that you cannot figure out, you can use a primer like this one, only at the natural nail free edge or where the lifting is happening for stronger adhesion. 

Now, what to buy?

Ok, Tiny is a company that offers pastel-toned syrup gels and highly versatile glitter gels that align perfectly with the brand's values and quality. So, they recommend Ylang Ylang Floral Syrup and Star Guardian Soda as a first-time buyer. 

The Ylang Ylang Floral Syrup collection presents these really versatile syrup gels that you can use for all sorts of things - whether you want a full-coat or something more artistic. Suppose you are looking for a collection of the perfect nude shades. In that case, Tiny has the best selection of skin-complementary colors. 

I got the Ylang Ylang Beige and Lavander collection (use code NAILFABS for 10% off) and could not recommend it enough! The presentation to display the swatches is like an eyeshadow makeup palette, and it's perfect! It's 20 colors and comes with 6 unique nude glitters. It is handy for one-color aesthetic manicures, French nails, and even adding some extraness with the glitters. 

Yang Ylang Floral beige lavander tiny korean gel polish


And if you're into glitter, you should totally check out the Star Guardian Soda collection. Their glitter gels are seriously amazing - and come in a set with magnetic glitters as well; they've got this magnetic sparkle that's just mesmerizing. Also, this collection packaging has very Sailor Moon vibes, and if you know me, you know I am Sailor Moon Fabs, so I will add it to my collection because of that. Tiny's glitters self-level like a dream, and they really are unique. They are an effortless and quick way to upgrade a one-color manicure without adding too much. 

Tiny Korean Gel polisg glitter collection star guardian

Ok you guys, I know I talked your eyes out and I could keep going, lol. I want to give a big thank you to Zillabeau for helping me write these blogs. If you're interested in trying out any Tiny products or any of the recommendations I've made, you can visit Zillabeau's website and use my code "NAILFABS" for a 10% discount on your entire purchase. I'd love to hear or see what you end up getting and your thoughts on it. I'm confident that you'll be pleasantly surprised and satisfied with your new gels, just like I was!

If you have any questions or are you looking for a specific product, you can drop a comment below or send me a DM on Instagram! I would love to help. Thank you for hanging out with me, and have a lovely weekend! Happy nailing, Byeee! 


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