Korean Brand Of The Week: SHiNY| Korea’s #1 Brand In Professional-grade Nail Art Tools

Korean Brand Of The Week: SHiNY| Korea’s #1 Brand In Professional-grade Nail Art Tools

If you have invested in the best, premium-quality Korean gel nail products, it's equally important to have the right tools for perfecting your nail art. This includes cuticle pushers, nippers, e-files, and e-file bits. In this regard, I would like to introduce you to the top Korean brand for professional-grade nail art tools - SHiNY. Their signature e-file and drill bit selections are industry-leading, and their high-quality nippers and other tools are built to last.

SHiNY was founded in August 2015 by Cheol Shin and has declared itself Korea's best premium nail tool brand. They hold various technology patents in Korea for their products, and they collaborate with beginners and pros to create and offer convenient and reliable products.

First, let's quickly go over some important information about nail prep and techniques. These are some tips and tricks I've researched and learned and found helpful, especially if you're new to doing nails.

When I started doing nails, I thought the goal was to learn the Russian manicure technique; once you master that, you could call yourself a pro. The Russian manicure technique uses an efile to remove the cuticle from the nail plate and the frame of living skin at the base of the nail- according to The Nail Knowledge.
This advanced technique became trendy because of the look of perfect cuticles. Still, we don't see the information on how this is an invasive and harmful extreme form of a manicure that opens up the nail to possible infections and can be dangerous to the ongoing health of the nail. Because of the availability of nail tools, it's very tempting to buy an efile, a flame bit, and go to town on our nails, or even worse, someone else. These tools can be hazardous and cause permanent damage, so it's imperative to look for training or education on how to safely use them.

If you are considering learning advanced manicure techniques, it is important to check the regulations in your state. Some states classify cutting cuticles as a surgical procedure, which means that performing it could be against the law. States such as New York, Florida, Arizona, and others have these laws in place. Therefore, before attempting any advanced techniques, it is crucial to make sure you are aware of your state's regulations.

Education? What type of education? You may ask. Yes! We live in the era of online learning, and you can learn how to properly prep your nails and achieve long-lasting manicures from the comfort of your home. That's how I started because nail schools were not open in 2020, and that option was not the best fit for my life then. So, I wanted to get ahead and at least learn how to safely perform a gel manicure on myself that looked professional and lasted for weeks.

I started with the Master Gel Nails course with Paola Ponce, where I learned how to do nails using soft gel nail systems, specifically potted gel. This is where I learned all about premium Japanese and Korean gel nail brands and how to do structured manicures, overlays, free-form extensions, nail repairs, nail prepping, nail art, etc.
I could go on and on about how wonderful this program is, but I'll let Paola do all the talking. She was super awesome, like always, and gave me a 20% discount code for you, code "NAILFABS," to use on any of her signature courses. After this reading, you can find her courses HERE.

You can achieve long-lasting results and beautiful, aesthetically pleasing manicures with safer techniques that don't compromise the natural nail.

When we prep the natural nail for product application, we want to clean and remove dead skin (cuticle) off the nail plate. To do this, we use a cuticle pusher. The cuticle is the invisible layer of dead skin on the nail plate, not the living tissue above the nail base; that area is called the proximal nail fold. Cuticle pushers have sharpened ends to scrape the cuticle off the nail plate. Premium quality cuticle pushers have very sharp ends, are easy to clean, and have the correct weight to allow the tool to do the work without applying pressure.

There are different types of cuticle pushers, which all come down to preference and what you use them for. Some have a "U" shape pointing downwards, with one side more prominent than the other for large and small nails. Others have a flat end with 90-degree angles, or some will have a knife-like sharp end to reach tight corners.
I recommend you start with the basics, the SHiNY PUSHER; SHiNY created this tool intentionally with perfectly rounded edges to avoid accidentally poking your client or causing damage. Use the flat side to clean the sidewalls and underneath the nails. This cuticle pusher is made of high-quality stainless steel and has a textured anti-slip grip. Remember, easy does it, work gently, these premium-quality tools do all the work.

Btw! if you want to shop and try SHiNY's products, head to Zillabeau to shop for premium quality nail tools. You can use my code NAILFABS for a 10% discount at checkout. Your support helps me and my blog so very mucho so thank you very más!


Now, let's talk about cuticle nippers.

If you are looking for the best nail nipper, SHiNY brings us their unique product, the Skinny Nipper. They spent two years developing this handcrafted single spring nipper that has narrow left and right grips that reduce hand fatigue during nail care, provide excellent cutting performance even with a small amount of pressure, and is the most comfortable to control during nail care, among SHINY's cuticle nippers.
skinny nipper SHiNY
Another characteristic I liked is its smallest blade size (3.5mm). If you are new to cuticle nippers, I recommend you start with a smaller blade size. The smaller blade nippers are easier to maneuver and curve to avoid pinching the skin around the nail. I would go with the 4-5mm if you are trained or need it for pedicures.

Now, suppose you want a slightly less expensive option. In that case, SHiNY recommends trying The Premium Swan Nipper to someone trying SHiNY's products for the first time.
This is SHINY's first launched product and is the best-selling product among SHINY's tools, domestically and internationally. Nippers often break easily because the left and right blades get warped, causing gaps. Still, the Premium Swan Nipper was designed to assist with gapping issues if there are no problems with the blades, enabling long-term use. It is also the product with the best cutting power. Additionally, its luxurious body style has garnered a large fan base.

Also, please know that cuticle nippers are made for cutting dead skin only. Please do not use them to trim nails, cut living tissue, or remove charms because they will dull out very quickly, and these tools are not cheap. I use an old pair of nippers I bought at the drugstore to remove small nail parts or for nail art.
You want to follow the instructions to clean and use them correctly so they last very long. If you don't know what to cut off the nail, you shouldn't be cutting anything yet and that means it's time to look for some type of training.

Paola gives a quick tip about using nippers: "Just cut anything that waves at you." if it's not sticking up, leave it alone. But I recommend you train your eye to be confident when using these tools, especially the nippers.

Efile and efile bits.

Ready to impress your clients with SHiNY's Leather Nail Drill? This wireless efile can do it all. Korea's #1 brand in nail tools created this professional electronic nail file featuring one of the most powerful engines with an intense 35k rpm. This premium e-file is silent, sleek, and lightweight for traveling or stationary use. The digital monitor displays battery life, so you never have to worry during service. And talk about luxury; this is a leather portable file with shiny gold details, just beautiful.

Also, when you purchase this efile you get 6 signature, high-quality efile bits. Two carbide bits for product removal, one carbide to remove nail parts (my favorite), two diamond bits for cuticle care, and one dusting bit. This is AH-mazing because most efiles come with cheap bits and I always throw them away. This is a great deal because each bit is around ~$ 30-50 dlls each, so you get a great deal there.

Also, make sure to check out the manual and precautions when you purchase this efile. It comes with a one-year warranty, but it has a ton of directions and indications that you won't know unless you read it, like you cannot use it while charging or use other charging adaptors with it. The last thing you want is to ruin your super fancy efile because we skipped the instructions; believe me, it happened to me.

Just like the other tools I mentioned, please ensure you take some form of training for efile use. Here's the efile course I took, where I learned so much about working on myself and my clients safely and confidently. Paola teaches a technique around protecting the natural nail and achieving Instagrammable manicures.
You can only learn so much on TikTok and YouTube. We need to ensure we get reliable information from trained professionals with experience, and you can find that here.

My favorite bits and the only ones I use:
Ceramic for removal: SHiNY OFF OHGOO
Diamond for cuticle prep: SHiNY CARE BIT TAN

I recently started using carbide bits again after trying the ones from SHiNY. The removal process is very smooth; there is little to no vibration, and it does not heat up as quickly. The recommended rpm for this carbide is 10000-15000, so you don't have to crank up the speed to 30000rpm. Also, I love the rounded safety top to avoid breaking or cutting skin when using it around the cuticle area.

If you feel intimidated by the carbide bits, you can use a ceramic bit instead for product removal. The only difference is that ceramic wears out faster. Still, I love using ceramic because it glides so smoothly over soak-off gel and feels less aggressive. If you want to know more about the pros, cons, and differences between efile bits, you can watch this video where the queen of gel nails breaks it down.

I am a big fan of diamond cylinder bits for cuticle care because the rounded top adds an extra precaution for using it next to the proximal nail fold.

Lastly, I love nail parts and use them on almost all my sets. If you are like me, you will love the unicorn or the swing bits from SHiNY. I used my carbide or ceramic bits to remove crystals and parts, wasting money, time, and energy during removals. Now, I use one of these bits to go around the nail parts to revive the gel areas holding the part together and pop! Off it goes. I cannot recommend it enough! Game-changer.

Okay, I think we covered everything! I know SHiNY offers a curing lamp and UV-disenfecting bits box, but I will keep you posted on those products. I saw many girlies loving the curing lamp, and Zillabeau is getting us more information about the other product. Also, don't forget to use my code NAILFABS at Zillabeau for a 10% off discount and NAILFABS at Paola Ponce Nails for 20% off her signature courses.
Thank you for hanging out with me today. I know I took longer to post this, but I took longer researching because of the safety aspect of the products mentioned today.

Have a lovely rest of your day, and I'll see you next time! Bye!


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