Korean Brand Of The Week: Make.N

Korean Brand Of The Week: Make.N

Are you ready to elevate your nail game with the hottest Korean nail? Not only do they offer top-quality nails, but Make.N is the only Korean nail brand that has succeeded in offering subsidiary materials, including unique parts, stylish charms, and eye-catching stickers to the nail industry. You'll have everything you need to create the perfect look that sets you apart from the rest. Seriously, only a few artists offer Make.N extravagance luxurious art to their customers, so don't miss out. So, if you want to elevate your nail game today, give Make.N a shot and experience the difference with this amazing brand.

Make.N was founded in 2016 by current CEO Seungyong Lee. They have been providing nail parts for 10 years using patent-protected technology to not only enhance the appearance of nails but also to consider the convenience for nail artists.

To begin, let's clarify what nail parts are. They are decorative elements used in nail art, including but not limited to crystals, charms, studs, stickers, and pixi crystals, metal chains, etc. Korean nail art is known for its gentle and refined nail style, incorporating designs that use top-notch crystals of different sizes, metal frames, and high-quality stickers. These elements come together to create a well-balanced artwork that is comfortable to wear and, easy to apply and lasts for at least two weeks.

So, Make.N specializes in creating unique nail parts designed by Master Educator and salon owner Haejin. Whether you want a daring and bold look or prefer to keep it simple, Korean nail art is the perfect way to add some excitement to your style. With endless possibilities for textures and colors, you can truly express your unique personality and make a statement with your nails. So go ahead, let your imagination run wild, and create a look that is uniquely you. Nails are fun and temporary, and once you start adding little pieces of bling, you'll never go back, I speak from experience.

I used to be a one-color mani type of girlie, with short nails and usually black, red, pink, or white. Fast forward 10 years, now I am using 3+inch nails, and after taking the Make.N seminar, I want to wear as much nail art as possible every time.
And let me get honest with you real quick... when I first saw this brand, I liked it but was not really intrigued to try it. I felt that my money could be better spent on other nail art products and that the parts were too much and looked kind of uncomfortable. I am a mom and a nail artist, so I thought that Make.N products were an option for people using their hands less or for editorial work. Then, I started watching Korean nail artist blogs on YouTube and saw these ladies showing their utra fabulous, sparkly, unique nails. They would run errands, clean, cook, work out, and run a salon business. So, If they could do it, maybe I could too!

Again, I didn't want to spend a ton of money on "nail parts" because I could probably find a similar product on Aliexpress or Amazon, so I went that route. Then, not too long after Zillabeau announced they would be hosting the first Make.N seminar at their headquarters, I decided to sign up. My plan was to learn how to correctly set stones and parts using the less expensive products I already had at home. Well... jokes on me because I was utterly sold and convinced after the first demo.

First, the way Swarovski and premium quality crystals shine will never compare. Then you have metal frames that fit exactly with the crystals; it's one thing seeing them on the screen and a whole other thing experiencing it on your nails. Then, we used Make.N parts and cover gel and Oh My Goodness! What a game-changer! The parts gel is the perfect viscosity to hold nail parts in place at the same time you work, so forget about chasing stones or studs and frantically running to the curing lamp to set everything because this will do all the work for you. I have tried many part gels, and this one by Make.N is by far the best I've tried.
One helpful tip for using this gel is to cure it in the lamp for 2 minutes. Additionally, it's important to advise the client of any heat spikes and use the low light settings of your curing unit.

Now, let's talk about the cover gel. Have you ever had a nail snag on your hair or clothing and ruin your day? That's where the cover gel comes in handy. Its purpose is to smooth out the edges of your nail design and prevent any sharp edges from catching on things. Safety was a top priority at the Make.N seminar, and our fabulous educator, Kim, would inspect our designs from all angles to ensure they were properly sealed and secure. This ensures that clients can go about their day without worrying about losing a nail part until their next appointment.
What I love about this gel is that it cures clear and doesn't add bulk, almost like an invisible protective film over your design. Also, this is a non-wipe gel so you don't need to go over it with a topcoat. It's comfortable to wear and ensures your nails are safe.

I used to think all part gels were the same, but nah, girl. This is the best power duo for nail parts, made by nail parts professionals who have been in the business for years, so they know what they are doing, for sure.

Another thing I learned at the seminar was the actual nail parts. I was able to experience the high quality of the Make.N parts, how lightweight and comfortable they are to wear, and how easy, quick, and painless it is to attach and set them. The Make.N parts are rounded to match the curvature of the nails, so when working with them, you can easily rest the part on the nail and forget about filling up the spaces around it with more gel because the nail part is flat. So, yes, you can use other nail parts out there, but the quality of the Make.N parts is undeniable. If you try their products and compare them to the others, you will be convinced.

Lastly, I want to mention their nail stickers. Again, you would think all stickers are the same but Make.N proved us wrong and raises to the top, offering the best stickers I've used. Their nail stickers are also design-patented and look like actual painted nail art. The details are so crisp, and many have texture, so it looks like you wiped out your secret liner brush and hand-painted the design. The film of the sticker is so thin that it completely disappears after it's sealed. Make.N does a beautiful job creating seasoned-themed nail stickers that compliment the nail parts and add more uniqueness to the design.

If you would like to experience and give Make.N a go, I would recommend you try the parts and cover gel, obvs. For nail parts, if you are a more is more type of gal, go for the "Fantastic All Swarovski Collection", there are larger nail parts with all Swarovsky nail crystals and pearls already incrusted, leaving an open space at the center to apply your desired nail crystal as the centerpiece. If you want something more refined and elegant, opt for the "Pearl Collection Series." This collection includes a range of beautifully designed pearl parts that will add a touch of class and femininity to your nail art. All nail parts come in silver and gold metal frames, providing a great variety of options.

Ready to start bedazzling nails with Make.N? Then, head straight to Zillabeu and find everything you need! Also, they are hosting another Make.N seminar, "The Denim Cheetah/Vampy Kit," online on October 4, 2023. This seminar includes the class kit for only $90 USD (a $70 dlls off discount). I say you run and secure your spot. This is a great investment for you and your nail clients; you will learn how to safely and correctly set parts plus a new nail art style that will set you apart and allow you to charge top dollar. The educator is amazing; you get to learn from home AND use the same Make.N materials to work as you take the class. You can CLICK HERE to attend the seminar and use my code NAILFABS for an extra 10% off your purchase.

That is it from me for today, guys! Thank you for joining me for another edition of "Korean Nail Brand of the Week." I'm excited to share my experiences with various Korean gel brands I've tried and loved, and I hope you will too. As always, I'm available to help you, so please don't hesitate to ask any questions in the comments section below or send me a message on Instagram. I'm more than happy to help you! Have a great rest of the week and until next week! Byeee!


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