Korean Brand of the Week: From the Nail or F Gel

Korean Brand of the Week: From the Nail or F Gel

If you love Korean gel nails, you must have seen the famous From the Nail gel bottles somewhere. The iconic square bottle has a golden metal plate with the "F" letter framed on the front; you know what I am talking about, right?

Korean nail gel

It was so fitting because clients would ask me if I customized my gel bottles with my initial, like "F" for Fabiola, but no! That is "F" for From the Nail. 

F Gel, a professional nail polish brand based in South Korea, offers high-quality bottled gel polish that rivals traditional potted gels. Their product development team consistently brings innovative and patent-pending ideas to life, leading the way in the nail industry.

All their gels are made from cosmetic-grade, non-toxic (10-free) materials and are effortless to apply, delivering the richest color pigmentation for a stunning finish. (From the Nail, Zillabeau) 

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In case you haven't had the opportunity to delve into the world of Korean gel nails, allow me to enlighten you.

There is no denying that Korean beauty has skyrocketed in popularity, with K-Pop artists leading the charge. Now, Korean gel nails are the latest craze. Our social media feeds are awash with captivating, bedazzled designs, and people in the United States are becoming more daring, selecting more intricate 3D designs, large gems, charms, magnetic or color-changing gels.

Korean gel nail brands provide safer and healthier options for both nail technicians and clients. Moreover, these manicures are exceptionally durable and can endure everyday life's demands without chipping, peeling, or losing their luster.

F Gel products are available in the US through Zillabeau, the largest distributor of Korean and Japanese gel nail brands in the United States.

Zillabeau carries brands like Mayour, Fiote, Jin.B, Izemi, First Street, and more, which I will cover each week to give you all the information about the brand, how they are different, and products I have tested and loved, like a cheat sheet for each brand, this way you can make a more informed decision when you are ready to buy your Korean gel goodies and know what brands fit you best.

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Korean gel packaging it's in a league of its own, so it's very easy to be captivated by the luxurious, innovative, and unique components and presentation of their collections. So here are a few pointers and recommendations on products from From the Nail or "F gel." 

Who is it for?

F gel nail products that cater to traditional nail techs who love the convenience of bottled-type gel polish but still want the coverage of potted gels. 

Achieve professional-quality results right at home with 10-free bottled gel polish. 

Whether you're a nail enthusiast, beginner, or educated trendsetter, From the Nail product is perfect for anyone who wants to stay on top of the latest nail trends. 

If you're planning to buy your first complete set of gel nail colors, the From the Nail Collection is an excellent option. It's reasonably priced and includes a wide selection of opaque and sheer colors, glitters, magnetic gels, a.

If you asked me what my recommendations are, here are some of my favorite products I have tried and used for over two years. I know Zillabeau is getting ready to host the first-ever From the Gel Nail Expo in the US on October 11th-12th, 2023, and they will offer the biggest discounts. 

You can also take advantage of my special code "NAIL FABS" at Zillabeau for a 10% discount on your purchase. I'm an affiliate with Zillabeau; your support using my code means so much to me. It helps me try out and recommend more products to you. I appreciate your kindness and support so much. 

What To Buy?

F Gel Base G: My go-to base gel for press-on nails. If you are a press-on artist, I recommend this gel 100%. For me, it's very important to keep press-on nails as thin as possible, and this base gel is thin enough to seal stickers, glitter, or do a layering effect without adding too much bulk. I've tried other brands ing to this base gel for the price and performance. 

F Gel Non-wipe gel: If you are a Chrome nail queen, you will love this clear gel. I've used many non-wipe fixing gels from pots but have yet in bottle form. This clear gel is an excellent option if you are used to bottle-form gels or appreciate the convenience of quickly using a bottle on your nail services or press-ons. This gel is thick enough to create texture like gilded outlined nails or blobs that can be burnished with chrome powder because of the non-wipe characteristic, which is super convenient. You can also use it to adhere small crystals or charms to the nail. 

F gel Matte Top Coat: I have discovered a fantastic and reasonably priced matte top coat that is thicker in consistency compared to the ones I've previously used from Kokoist or Izemi. This top coat offers scratch resistance and true transparency, resulting in a sharp and crisp appearance for the nail art or color used. If you want tok of 2016 for nails, this is the matte top coat. 

Angel Eyes: F Gel has four different collections of Angel Eyes Magnetic Gels. Magnetic gels were first offered in darker shades, and F gel created two collections of light-toned glitter-filled magnetic colors that broke sales records. These collections have sold more than 50,000 during the first month of its launch, breaking the K-beauty record in the nail category. I purchased the Angel Eyes Gel II collection, with opal glitters added to the magnetic particles for a radiant glow. This is a great option if you want ultra-sparkly, neutral-toned magnetic gels. 

What's new?

Nocturne Collection: Inspired by the mysterious allure of nature after dusk, this collection features ten shimmering magnetic gels that will transport you to a world of dark, enchanting beauty. A collection of ten translucent magnetic colors that embrace the darker side of nature - the perfect addition to any Fall 2023 nail design. These chic shades boast unique magnetic patterns inspired by the iconic Korean nail art style.

Korean gel nail polish, magnetic gel polish, cat eye nail polish.

Luster Days: These five iridescent flakie polishes are carefully crafted to effortlessly glide on, creating a dazzling dance of light and shimmer on your nails. They are inspired by the last moments of a beautiful sunset, adding magic to your look. These stunning glitter gel toppers are perfect for any occasion over light, dark colors or just the glitter gel alone. 

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Water Marble Collection: Create waves of colors with this 11-piece set designed to make the most incredible marbled nails. Unlike any other F Gel polishes, these unique lacquers have a special formula. The ten colored-gels have more fluidity and a built-in pointed brush for easy art application. Paint delicate marbled strands by applying F Gel's included clear base, specifically formulated to disperse color pigments for a stunning effect.  

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I've also tried their full-coverage nail system, and it's super easy to use and great for DIYers and beginners. They have tips in coffin and oval/round, very flattering shapes. 

I'm excited to share that I've discovered some amazing products that have impressed me greatly! They are definitely worth investing in. This brand is sure to deliver exceptional quality, leaving me very satisfied. Their commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest fashion trends and nail technologies is impressive, which is why I trust their products. I plan to support and purchase from them; you might find me at the F Gel Expo in October!

If you're searching for top-quality gel nail products that provide excellent performance while minimizing nail damage (provided you use them safely and correctly), have the latest and trendiest options for nail art, and boast superior packaging and long-lasting results, then I highly recommend exploring the world of Korean gel nails. You're sure to love them as much as I do!

Thank you for spending time with me today. Have you t Korean gel nail brands, such as F Gel? Will you be attending the Expo at Zillabeu headquarters? Please let me know in the comments below. 

If you want more information about Korean gel nail products, please subscribe to my email list. I'll always provide the latest and best information on Korean nail products and prices. Have a wonderful rest of your week, and I look forward to seeing you next time when we talk about Mayour! Goodbye!

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