Full Coverage Nail Tips| Korean Brand Diami v. Aprés

Full Coverage Nail Tips| Korean Brand Diami v. Aprés

Today, I want to share with you all about the Diami full coverage nail tips. For a while now, I've seen all the Korean nail artists use the Diami full-coverage nail tips for extensions, and I wanted to see what the hype was about. Because Diami has several types of full coverage tips, I wanted to buy them all, test them with gels and for press ons, and share with you what I found. 

Full coverage tips had it's own moment in 2021! They came and revolutionized the way artists did gel nail extensions—perfectly shaped nail extensions with the correct apex and thickness that can be applied in under 10 minutes. Zillabeau started carrying the Diami brand and brought 5 types of full-coverage tip extensions. When I first wanted to buy a box to try them, deciding which would best fit me was kinda confusing. Like, why do they offer different presentations? Is it based only on shape? Or were some of them created for specific needs? Like Apres, for example, they offer natural tips for flatter nails and sculpted for a higher C-curved nail, so is Diami offering something like that? I didn't know. 

As you may or may not know, I am a press-on nail designer selling press-on nails made with only Korean and Japanese gel nail products. Since I started my business, I have tried so many brands of full coverage nail tips, and now I use Apres mostly, only because of sizing, it fits most people, and because of the natural apex aspect. However, because we do all Korean gel nail products here, I wanted to try Korean gel nail brand full coverage tips and see what they are like for press-on nails and for gel nail extensions.

Also, if you want to check out any of Diami's products, Zillabeau has got you covered. You can use my code NAILFABS for 10% off your entire purchase. Your support means the world to me and allows me to keep this blog going, bringing you the best and latest on Korean gel nail products. 

Let's talk nail tips.

Diami Canoe Nail Tips

Diami claims to be the world's easiest nail extensions. These are their medium almond-shaped full-coverage tips. One box comes with 12 sizes and 30 tips of each size. The size compares to the Aprés natural almond medium. As far as shape, the Diami canoe tips are ~1 mm longer, and the shape is more tapered, slimmer on the tip, more like a stiletto nail with a round edge, and less rounded/fuller on the sides like the Aprés. 

Diami Korean nail brand Canoe full coverage nail tips

The Canoe tips are ultra-thin and do not require etching or filing inside the nail tip before application. Diami also claims that these tips are the world's first nail tips that do not crack when pinched; I tried them, and they really did not break when I pinched/squeezed them with a lot of force. These are perfect to bend and roll before application for a snugger fit.

The Canoe tips come in clear and peach color. The color tips have a very sheer light tint, so it's very easy to customize them; perfect for French nail designs or even just adding a top coat for a perfect sheer nude manicure. 

Introducing the Canoe Gradation nail tips - another variant of Canoe nail tips. These tips are designed to give your nails a gradation or ombre look that looks airbrushed without the need for any dangerous chemicals, sponges, or brushes. Each box contains 12 sizes of 10 nails in two different gradation colors, providing you with a range of options to choose from. With these easy-to-use tips, you can achieve super fun and trendy nails in just around 7.22 minutes.

I was curious to try out the Diami tips as I had heard they are the best for people with natural flat nails. Most people have flat or minimally curved nails, so I wanted to test this myself. Upon comparison with the Aprés tips, I found that the Diami Canoe tips have a much smaller gap between the natural nail and the tip, resulting in a more natural appearance.

By the way, I just wanted to mention that Diami nail tips are applied 2mm away from the cuticle area and overlayed, which is different from the Aprés nail system. With Aprés, the tips are placed all the way back to the cuticle area. The Diami tips are so thin that they blend in almost seamlessly with the natural nail, and the instructions recommend jumping straight into the gel overlay step after adhering the nail tip to the natural nail. I was worried about not filing the edge because that's what I usually do with other nail systems, but with the Canoe tips, I could apply the gel right after applying the tips, and the results were fantastic! I got a flawless nail extension without any bumps or unevenness. I was really impressed!

Diami Canoe Corn Nail Tip

This is the long stiletto nail tip. Just like the Canoe tips, the Corn tips are ultra-thin, do not require to pre-file the inside before adhering them to the natural nail, and "give your hands a pretty/feminine look, like that of a hand model's, and help you achieve glam Hollywood-style nail art." -Diami.

Diami Cortn tip full coverage nails

Because the shape of the Corn tips is a long stiletto, these have a higher apex than the Canoe tips, which fits better on natural c-curved nails and gives a more sculpted look that is still on the more natural look side. The sculpted look is not as pronounced as the Aprés sculpted tips. 

The Corn tips are offered in boxes of 12 sizes with 30 tips for each nail and come in clear and ivory. When I placed my order, I purchased the ivory tips by mistake because I prefer working with clear tips; however, after using them, I realized that the ivory tint is very, very sheer and looks very natural. I think you could recreate the popular "hyper-realistic nail extension look" with these tips; I'm not sure, though. I will try it for you and report back, but I really liked the color and feel I can get a lot of use out of them. 

Diami recommends applying these tips with the Diami So Good Base and Clear Gel for a 5-week wear time. Both gels were sold out when I purchased the nail tips, so I used the F Gel Give Me Base gel, which worked perfectly. 

The Diami nail tips are meant to be placed 2mm away from the cuticle area. After comparing them to the Aprés nail tips, I noticed that both edges look quite similar except for the fact that the Aprés are a little bit more pinched/curved. However, this difference is very minimal. Therefore, I am thinking of making some adjustments in the cuticle area of the Diami nail tip for press-ons. I plan to use a hand file to make that area a bit more rounded and less squared to ensure a better fit for the client's natural nails. If you plan on filing the nail tips, be careful not to file off too much. Do it gradually with 2-3 passes to prevent changing the shape of the nail tip. Make sure you file before applying any gel product to avoid the gel peeling off.

Diami Canoe Easy Full Nail Tip

I didn't think nail tips could get any thinner, but they can! The Diami Canoe Easy Full Nail Tip is the shortest nail tip in the Canoe nail system and is designed to fix damaged nails. These extensions provide a beautiful look to damaged natural nails without adding any length. These nail tips are extremely flexible and thin, perfect for bending and shaping to fit the natural nail and look like there is no extension at all. Another thing is that the entire tip feels textured, so there is no need to buff or etch anything before gel application. 

Diami full coverage repain nail tips

I have short/smaller nail beds, and these tips gave me ~7mm of free edge, so you could do supernatural nail extensions with these. Japanese and Korean nails usually do shorter nail lengths, more like natural nail length, so it's very common for clients to get extensions that mostly enhance the look of the nail without too much length. With these tips, you definitely want to do a gel overlay to add strength to the nail because the tip mostly provides shape, and you don't want those nails to bend and break. 

Lastly, these tips come in round and soft square shape. Both shapes are very flattering and natural. I really like them, plus I've never seen a nail tip system designed to fix damaged nails to give them a perfectly manicured, healthy look. Brilliant! 

Diami Canoe Square Nail Tip

Slim, long, edgy, beautiful, natural and cool. These are Diami's square slim nail tips, and when they say square slim, they mean like a tapered square nail, or coffin if you will. These nail tips are a bit more c-curved like the Corn tips, perfect for curvier natural nails. 

Diami canoe square tips

The square nail tips are ultra-thin and completely textured, so there is no need to prep them before application. They come in two lengths, short and long. If you or your client have short nail beds, the short tips will look longer, but you can always use your file to retouch the shape. 

I got the Slim Long nail tips, and the length compares to the Aprés medium coffin. The Canoe square tips are flatter and less tapered than the Aprés natural coffin nail tips; there is almost no gap between the nail tip and the natural nail with the Canoe nail tips. So they really catered to the flat, natural nail girlies with these full-coverage nail tips. 

These tips remind me of Rihanna's nails from 2012 when she released the "Diamonds" and the Unapologetic album. I was obsessed with her nails; I even started wearing long nails because of her. She would wear a tapered long square shape, which looked exquisite, just like the Diami square tips. I used to get acrylics and would ask for that specific shape, not the coffin shape because that was more pronounced.

Rihanna's nails were slightly tapered on the sides and looked elegant and chic. These tips are precisely that shape, premade, and ready to go. If you like a square nail, I suggest trying these. I promise you will love the more sophisticated look that these nails give.

Korean Nail Tips vs. Aprés and other brands 

Now that you know what you are purchasing, here are a few things to consider, like: 

Cost: The Diami Canoe nail tips cost around $25 to $30 (before tax) for a box of 300 to 360 nail tips, and their refill bags cost $9 each for 50 tips. On the other hand, Aprés offers nail tip boxes of 600 tips for $29.99 or 280 tips for $16.99, and their refill bags cost $3.49 for 50 tips. In my opinion, the Diami tips are more natural and thinner, which makes them a great choice for in-person gel nail services, especially for nail extensions. If you decide to use these tips for press-ons, you will need to factor in the new nail tips' price into the finished set of nails, which may increase the price of your press-on nails. However, it can provide your clients with a better fit or a more flattering shape. You could try them and see what works best for you. 

Shapes: The Diami Canoe tips come in fewer sizes and shapes compared to Aprés. This may not be an issue for you if you only offer short natural lengths or long lengths. However, if you prefer to provide a wide range of sizes and shapes, Aprés offers a much larger selection of tips to choose from.

Sizing: When I started my press-ons business, I bought all types of nail tips to find the ones that best fit my clients. I purchased from different sources like Amazon, Etsy, AliExpress, Kokoist, Daily Charme, Painted Desert, Aprés, F Gel, and now Diami. After observing that most press-on artists use Aprés and confirming it on Press on Portal (my community of press-on nails), I decided to switch to Aprés and continue to use them. Shipping, cost, and product availability made it a convenient choice since I live in the US.

Now, I know you might not have heard of Diami before. They aren't as widely advertised as some of the bigger brands out there, like Aprés. Plus, they're imported all the way from Korea, so they might not be as easy to get your hands on. But let me tell you, their nail tips are absolutely amazing. Even if they're not the most popular choice among press-on artists, I think they're definitely worth checking out.

That was my guide to Diami's Canoe full-coverage nail tips. We went through the different presentations, and I hope this helps you choose the best one for your needs. Overall, first impressions, I love how thin they are, the thinnest I've seen so far, how natural they look, and how easy they are to work with. I still want to try the Diami Feel So Good gel for application, so I will update you in my Instagram stories once I can get my hands on it. 

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