Back To School Nails 2023-Summer Into Fall Hottest Nail Trends.

Back To School Nails 2023-Summer Into Fall Hottest Nail Trends.

These are the hot trends to try for a back-to-school nail look
What a beautiful summer full of mini French neon manis, creative floral designs, and beautiful hues of green nails; we are now into the summer into fall transition, but what nail designs are summery-fall vibes? Is this a perfect opportunity to try new head-turning nail art to strut into class on the first day and steal the show?

For that reason, I did the homework to find the chicest nail trends of summer into fall 2023 to try for a perfect back-to-school nail look. Remember that nails are all about fun and comfort. You can try all these trends in short or long nails, oval nails, almond nails, coffin, and square. Consider your lifestyle before going from your usual short almond to a 5XL stiletto because the last thing we want is for your to poke holes in your 10-page research paper before turning it in, right?

And because this is a Korean Nail Everything blog, I will recommend Korean gel nail products from the "it" brands. If you are in the United States, you can find Korean nail products at Zillabeau and use my code NAILFABS to receive a 10% discount on your purchase. Zillabeau is where I get premium quality nail products from trusted, reputable brands.

Blush Nails

This look can be done using so many different techniques. Zillabeau did a live class recently teaching how to achieve this look using a brush on bottle gel only. They used a jelly/translucent red from Marie Atelier #033 to create the classic nude with a darker pink/red blush in the middle. This design has many variations and possibilities; the trick is to use a darker shade for the blush part and a lighter shade for the background. You could use powder pigments, eyeshadow palettes, nail art sponges, gradation brushes, or even airbrush.
                                                Photo by: @DippyCowNails 

If you are going for the airbrush, research before jumping into it. There are many health hazards for you and your client if you don't have the required tools, environment, and safety equipment to use an airbrush. Not to mention that quality airbrush products are ex-pen-sive, so save yourself a pretty penny and health problems and go for these other techniques.
If you didn't know already, I am part of the press on nail community, The Press on Portal, where I learn everything press on nail related. Jerry, the press-ons queen, has a masterclass on gradient/ombre nail art techniques and how to achieve different looks without an airbrush machine. If you are interested, I will leave that HERE for you; she was super awesome and gave me an affiliate link for the Press on Portal. If you are wondering about press-ons or how to go about it, the Press on Portal is THE place to get all the answers and support to start and run your business.

Pop Of Neon

Neons have taken over the summer, and it looks like they are still moving into the cooler seasons. A super chic monochromatic mani with a toned-down electric blue or green color or even a micro French with a neon color is the perfect pop of color for a fabulous, fun mani.

                                              Photo by: @theprogeluk

If you are looking for highly pigmented neons, almost glow-in-the-dark, I will go with the Tiny Neon Struck Ice Cream Collection; any of these colors will look beautiful; if you haven't tried this brand, I highly recommend you grab any of their color gels. They are super easy to use, not patchy, very pigmented, and the packaging! Clients cannot resist asking for or touching the bottles.
Mayour is another popular brand that I love! The gel bottles look like lip glosses, and the quality of the gels is super impressive. Zillabeau just added the Mayour Slinky Collection of 8 neon shades, and it's on sale! Make sure to check that out before it's gone.
Lastly, if you are a potted gel girlie, the neons from Leafgel are the best. I recommend Neon Blue #205 for the perfect one-color mani.


If you have yet to try the glazed donut nails, you still have time, but if you want to get what the cool kids are getting, go for a multichromatic nail finish. The color of the chrome effect will change with the color base you choose, so the possibilities are endless. Many nail brands launched chrome paints earlier this year, and I am here for it.
I can tell you this after trying different powders and comparing them to chrome liquid paints. Do you need them? No, the chrome powders do the job and have infinite color options. Are they better? Mmm, they have different pros and cons. Liquid chrome paints are less messy, and the finish is more mirror-like, in my experience. I used the Kokoist liquid chrome paints, and I like that I can fully cure my topcoat without worrying about adhesion. Also, they contaminate less the clear gels that I use to seal the Chrome.
Use whatever you have in your inventory and Chrome away.

Crystals and Charms

My favorite! Nail crystals and charms are the ultimate customization technique right now. Even if you wear your nails extra short, you can add a few crystals to a nude or clear base to elevate your look. They don't have to be annoying or uncomfortable. If your nail tech knows how to work with crystals and charms so they don't pop off or get caught in your hair, you are good to go! For this, you want to keep the nail color simpler to make the crystals or jewelry the accent piece.
                                                 Photo by: @dear.shu_bling

I am currently in a Korean Nail art era and cannot get enough of the charms Make.N make. They are so shiny, unique, and easy to apply, I have tried other brands, and I have to bend the charms to lay on the nail or add a ton of gel to attach them safely. Fortunately for you and me, Zillabeau carries this brand so that we can save on shipping costs and rock fancy nails just like the girlies in Korea. Longer nails are coming back, and you can wear them too; make sure you slowly increase your length to get used to the new shape.

Goth & Chic

Add a little black or a lot for a chic/edgy nail set. Wear black on your nails doesn't have to be Halloween, so be confident that you will look super cool wearing a black nail. I've tried The best black gels from Leafgel #001, From the Nail Black #51, and Kokoist Blackest Black.

Milky Nails

Milky white nails and blueberry milk nails (or light blue, lol) are the moment. The Korean brand Izemi created a specific product called Izemi Glow Booster to turn your colors into delicious glowy milky shades. Also, it claims to even out pastel colors, so they complement every skin tone. Very cool, right? That way, you don't have to purchase every color in the milky shade version. If you want to try this product, I recommend heading to Zillabeau right now because they have only 3 left in stock. Remember to use code NAILFABS for a 10% discount on your purchase.

                              Photo by: @nailthoughts

There you have it, the hottest nail trends for a head-turning back-to-school complete look or the transition period of summer into fall. Remember that nail art is super flexible and customized to your favorite nail shape, length, and lifestyle. Also, there is an option for every budget. You don't have to break the bank to have your nails well-manicured and painted; you have options like custom press-ons, regular nail polish, and custom press-on nails.

If you want to know more about salon alternatives like Press on Nails, sign up for my email list to receive exclusive discounts and first grabs at new launches. I create reusable press-on nails using Japanese and Korean gels only, which means they will last and the quality is unmatchable. I have free sizing kits available right now until I change my mind lol.

Thank you for hanging out with me; talk to you next time, byeee!


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